Wisteria Panel

If anyone is still checking in on my website – and it seems by the stats they are! – then hopefully this blog post will be read. Does anybody want this Wisteria panel? There is very little stitching on it, but it is very obviously a textile piece, with layers of translucent fabrics put onto … More Wisteria Panel

Mosaic Workshop

In preparation for a workshop I am running soon, I thought I would make some samples in colours that weren’t my usual ‘coastal’ selection. Deliberately choosing the bright yellow and blue of ceramics tiles seen in Portugal I made my choice of fabrics accordingly. I made one large, layered piece, using a variety of fabrics, … More Mosaic Workshop

Potato Printing

Not normally one to use pictures of myself on this blog, I thought I would include this as the source of inspiration for some potato printing I’ve been doing today with a group of friends. We had seen Grayson Perry printing a travel poster on his recent Channel 4 Art Club programme and he had … More Potato Printing

Sea Parrots

I took this lovely photograph on a recent trip to the Farne Islands, with my cheap little point and shoot camera. We were able to get very close to the puffins and they didn’t seem to mind nearly as much as the Terns, which kept dive bombing everyone and making a lot of fuss. I … More Sea Parrots

Travel Journal

I purchased this little leather bound journal while on holiday in Israel. I particularly wanted to buy something that I could fill with pictures and jottings once I returned home and I found this book in the flea market at Jaffa. The leather needed a little cleaning, and the metal front piece a bit of … More Travel Journal

Fabric Spree

I have recently returned from a holiday in Israel where I was lucky enough to find a wonderful fabric shop! In fact, there was an entire street of fabric shops, lots all side by side, the wares spilling out into the road – such a choice! People always say about taking an empty suitcase on … More Fabric Spree


I spent a happy hour or so painting the centre of a beautiful peony flower I’d been given recently. There is currently a great free project on Este Macleod’s site, which took you through the stages of making this circular design. I wasn’t sure about using the Payne’s Grey colour as the background but I’m … More Peony

Vegetable Printing

Just a pretty picture, printing with potatoes (pebbles) and carrots (flowers). The background is spayed brusho and the navy that looks like seaweed is acrylic ink, blobbed, blown with a straw and then spritzed with water. Clearer in the picture below.