Three narrow mistletoe panels, corded and glued onto some MDF board ready to be displayed at Christmas. At the moment there are no hooks added so ways to display are limited – may simply prop them against a plain wall. I love the colours!

Autumn Leaves

Yesterday I picked up a selection of leaves from the huge pile deposited by the giant Acer in the middle of our garden. The leaves are large, papery and inevitably takes ages to clear at this time of year. I tried to select some with a variety of colours and shapes but my primary aim … More Autumn Leaves

Envelopes and Pouches

These envelopes are samples from an old workshop I used to teach, but the technique is useful for all sorts of things, particularly book and album covers. Below are some heart-shaped pouches made in exactly the same way. I have instruction sheets for the layered technique, plus a separate one for the organza flowers, which … More Envelopes and Pouches

Project For Four

Two little pieces, both stitched for an upcoming project with three friends. The idea is to produce a small starter piece which is then, at monthly intervals, passed on to the other group members to be worked. That means it can be enlarged, embellished, covered, cut, anything goes – just altered and added to in … More Project For Four

Christmas Stars

I always make my Christmas cards early and this year is no exception. I send a lot of handmade cards to friends and family so I like to think of an idea that is quick, easy and effective. This time I came across a pack of fifty 4 x 4″ cards that I’d obviously bought … More Christmas Stars

Textile Cards

I have been busy lately producing some batches of cards, all made with the same technique but in lots of different themes. All the cards have been made on a 6 x 6 inch blank base, the idea being that one could send the card with a view to it being framed. As small square … More Textile Cards

The Happy Crab

One of the most enjoyable stitching projects I have completed in recent months was my plate of paella! I liked the finished picture so much that I wanted to make a companion piece, but didn’t really want to make another plate of food. Keeping to the seafood theme though, and similar colours and techniques, I … More The Happy Crab