Sea Life Mobile

I saw these hanging mobiles with the little crocodile clips in a catalogue and thought they would provide a novel way of displaying work. As part of our Sketchbook Challenge for February and the on-going collage work I cut up some watercolour paper into small rectangles and used them to make mini pictures. I had … More Sea Life Mobile

Sketchbook Challenge

For the month of February I participate in a Page-A-Day Sketchbook Challenge, which involves working in my sketchbook every day and posting the results on a Pinterest board with all the other artists taking part. It is now in its third year and we currently have nineteen artists taking part and the breadth of art … More Sketchbook Challenge


A couple of years ago, for my Christmas cards, I coloured a large number of square teabags with brusho dye and when they were dry, the cloth I’d laid them on, was really attractively marked. Still got it, waiting for inspiration! I’ve been wanting to colour some more teabags in preparation for some collage work … More Teabags

Cotton Reel Wreath

I think it’s clear that there’s another lockdown and creativity has flown out of the window! The cotton reels are all wired on (see photo below). That isn’t so visible from the front, but thought that the wreath might be fairly short lived (what my mother-in-law would’ve called a ‘dust-collector’!) and I might want to … More Cotton Reel Wreath


Three or four days ago I set up a messy table and started to experiment with gelatos and gesso. In the picture above all the examples (except one, the purple flowers mid left) use a combination of these two media. I’ve had a small pack of gelatos for a while and really liked them but … More Gelatos