Christmas Stars

I always make my Christmas cards early and this year is no exception. I send a lot of handmade cards to friends and family so I like to think of an idea that is quick, easy and effective. This time I came across a pack of fifty 4 x 4″ cards that I’d obviously bought … More Christmas Stars

Textile Cards

I have been busy lately producing some batches of cards, all made with the same technique but in lots of different themes. All the cards have been made on a 6 x 6 inch blank base, the idea being that one could send the card with a view to it being framed. As small square … More Textile Cards

The Happy Crab

One of the most enjoyable stitching projects I have completed in recent months was my plate of paella! I liked the finished picture so much that I wanted to make a companion piece, but didn’t really want to make another plate of food. Keeping to the seafood theme though, and similar colours and techniques, I … More The Happy Crab

The Humble Pigeon

How hard it is to draw birds! Well, to make them look like the species you’re aiming for anyway! Earlier this year I read the book Homing, which has a lot to do with pigeons – mainly the homing variety used for sport. Interestingly, pigeon racing was the largest participatory sport in Britain during the … More The Humble Pigeon

Sea Buckthorn Cards

Not my usual colour scheme but good to use my sketchbook designs from last autumn to make these sea buckthorn cards. I made the background some time ago – I don’t often do anything on black fabric – so just had the berries to stamp on top. Then my usual soldering iron/machining technique to add … More Sea Buckthorn Cards


I love making paella, I love eating paella and now I love drawing and stitching it! I picked up a travel brochure recently and noticed a lovely little illustration of paella to accompany an article about fresh food and the design was so inspiring I decided to make use of the idea. Firstly I painted … More Paella