Gelatos On Fabric

I made this cushion today, after experimenting with my Gelatos on fabric. I’d been wanting to try this for a while, after seeing the potential of these lovely creamy pigment sticks. Yesterday I tried the Gelatos on a variety of fabrics but the panel above is all layered up on a calico base. All colour … More Gelatos On Fabric

Evening Stroll

The week before last we were in Norfolk and enjoyed an evening stroll along the beach at Cromer. During beach walks I inevitably pick up little bits and pieces and below is a photo of the items I collected that evening. There aren’t many shells on Cromer beach but I just wanted to find odd … More Evening Stroll

Velvet Blooms

This isn’t a new piece, rather something I found in my ‘velvet’ box which I thought should be mounted up as it’s long and thin and not useful for anything in particular. It’s made on a black synthetic velvet base, with applied shapes in silk velvet. I have then free machined some details, using cable … More Velvet Blooms

Wedding Cards

I spent rather a lot of time today attempting a ‘textile’ wedding card, sewing an awful lot of beads and sequins onto a wedding cake made of scraps of quilted fabric sandwich. I even painted little bits of lace to trim – the whole thing looked a mess! So this afternoon I sat down with … More Wedding Cards

Lacey Lutradur

I am trying to build up some coastal elements – pebbles and plants – in a variety of separate little pieces, with a view to combining them in some way. It’s really just an excuse to experiment and a good way to use up some of my materials. Here I have stencilled some Xpandaprint through … More Lacey Lutradur

Fishing Harbour

Last week we were lucky enough to be in Cornwall stepping back on the South West Coastal Path. We stayed at Mevagissey and on the last day, ‘proper’ walking all finished, we strolled down to the harbour and I took lots of snaps of the fishing nets, baskets and chains all around the waterside. Mevagissey … More Fishing Harbour

Holiday Project

Today I am getting ready to go away for a week’s walking in Cornwall and easily distracted as I am I found this piece, based on a large cactus plant that I used for my inspiration. It was an exercise in straight stitch. You can see below that it is made from two layers of … More Holiday Project


Alexanders, Smymium olusatrum, line the coastal paths at this time of year and this picture was taken close to Cromer last week. The Latin name means ‘parsley of Alexandria’ and all parts of the plant are edible. It is often confused with cow parsley (an old name is ‘horse parsley’) but the stems are much … More Alexanders

Cathedral Window

Another follow-up to the excellent free workshops on that were recently offered. This class was by Jennifer Collier and she showed various techniques with paper and vintage ephemera, all of which caught my imagination. For this practise sample I used some printed tea bag paper with inserts of copper and metallic paper. Jennifer Collier … More Cathedral Window