Mosaic Workshop

In preparation for a workshop I am running soon, I thought I would make some samples in colours that weren’t my usual ‘coastal’ selection. Deliberately choosing the bright yellow and blue of ceramics tiles seen in Portugal I made my choice of fabrics accordingly. I made one large, layered piece, using a variety of fabrics, plus foils. On the left (above) is a large section of the original piece, unchopped, the rest carefully cut into one inch squares.

I made a small framed piece and then a series mini mosaics for cards. I also worked in another unfamiliar colourway, pictured below, choosing to arrange in a 5 x5 formation. This technique has developed out of a desire to use up some of my more unusual fabrics, the colour scheme of this one based on scraps of a liberty dress fabric I was given many years ago. There’s a little piece of it in every row!

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