Sea Parrots

I took this lovely photograph on a recent trip to the Farne Islands, with my cheap little point and shoot camera. We were able to get very close to the puffins and they didn’t seem to mind nearly as much as the Terns, which kept dive bombing everyone and making a lot of fuss.

I have always wanted to see puffins ‘in real life’ but had always visited Northumberland at the wrong time of year. Perfect weather on this holiday and the opportunity to do two boat trips, the other to Longstone Lighthouse nearby. We’ve been home for a couple of weeks but I made this today to put on the cover of a notebook about sea birds.

4 thoughts on “Sea Parrots

  1. We went to see the puffins a few years ago and I was captivated! I did not like the artic terns. They were viscious!


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