Travel Journal

I purchased this little leather bound journal while on holiday in Israel. I particularly wanted to buy something that I could fill with pictures and jottings once I returned home and I found this book in the flea market at Jaffa. The leather needed a little cleaning, and the metal front piece a bit of a shine. It looks like two figures worshipping at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. I particularly like the fact that it opens in reverse, so I have to turn ‘backwards’. There is an inscription in the front, dated 1953, but other than that it was empty. The pages were a bit flimsy, so before I started working in the notebook I stuck pairs of pages together to make them more durable. It is almost finished, just a bit more annotating to do. Below are some of the pages – good to work on a double page spread. The book is almost falling apart, pages are loose, but I haven’t tried too hard to repair it – quite like the authenticity of it.

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