Potato Printing

Not normally one to use pictures of myself on this blog, I thought I would include this as the source of inspiration for some potato printing I’ve been doing today with a group of friends. We had seen Grayson Perry printing a travel poster on his recent Channel 4 Art Club programme and he had … More Potato Printing

Sea Parrots

I took this lovely photograph on a recent trip to the Farne Islands, with my cheap little point and shoot camera. We were able to get very close to the puffins and they didn’t seem to mind nearly as much as the Terns, which kept dive bombing everyone and making a lot of fuss. I … More Sea Parrots

Travel Journal

I purchased this little leather bound journal while on holiday in Israel. I particularly wanted to buy something that I could fill with pictures and jottings once I returned home and I found this book in the flea market at Jaffa. The leather needed a little cleaning, and the metal front piece a bit of … More Travel Journal