May 4th, 10 – 2 o’clock Cob Cottage, Lindsey

Please do not forget about the fundraising event tomorrow at Cob Cottage, Lindsey. The event begins at 10 o’clock and runs until 2 o’clock. Unfortunately rain is forecast, but we are going to be smiling through and hope that our awnings will provide shelter from the rain. This is East Anglia, so I’m sure it will just be light! The charity I am fundraising for is Cancer Research UK and I would just like to emphasise that 100% of money raised tomorrow will be donated. For anyone needing satnav information our postcode is IP7 6PU. Hope to see you for coffee, tea and cake!

2 thoughts on “May 4th, 10 – 2 o’clock Cob Cottage, Lindsey

  1. Thanks Elaine for a lovely sale..I have transferred the money..hope lots was raised. Did all the coveted sketchbooks go? I expect the pink one did..just kicking myself as remembered a friend who loves pink! Kicking myself.
    Hope your projective move starts to materialise. Lovely to meet up with you again and thanks for the bean ensconced in my front pond. Cheers Rosemary 🙂


    1. Lovely to meet up with you again too Rosemary. Thank you very much for coming to support the event, we raised £2065 – I cannot wait to send them the donation!


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