More Items For Fundraising Sale

It’s been great breathing new life into old pieces of work that have sat languishing for years! The piece above has been in a suitcase under the spare bed, so I have remounted it on fresh watercolour paper and given it a lovely jade mount.

This piece has finally been sewn onto foamboard and then stuck onto an antique white background.

And this Indian inspired piece has never seen the light of day as it was stuck inside a sketchbook – now mounted properly and awaiting a new owner! More items below, all now mounted and cellophaned waiting for the fundraiser for Cancer Research UK on Wednesday May 4th!

4 thoughts on “More Items For Fundraising Sale

  1. You will have plenty of sales I’m sure. It’s one of my blocks having things just stuck in drawers or cupboards. I really struggle with having to have a reason to make things. I’m trying to get to the just enjoy the process stage, but it still don’t want loads unused. More of a problem since I stopped doing the Open Studios. Well done on using them.


  2. Thanks for your encouragement Amanda. I am going to price ‘to sell’, otherwise I won’t raise money for the charity and be left with loads of unwanted work at the end! In a way I think the process will help my creativity as sometimes simplifying things clears my mind. Getting rid of so many pieces of work, plus going through my materials and equipment, has almost seemed to give me more ‘brain space’. Let’s see how that pans out when I get excited about my next project!


  3. Hi Elaine, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my visit to Cob Cottage and the exhibition and sale today. I just loved your work and had great pleasure in the buying of things for myself and as gifts for others to support Cancer Research.
    I was also delighted to win a gorgeous piece of textile art in the raffle – donated by Pat Dennis. Grateful thanks to her and to yourself for your generosity. Liz Law


    1. I am so glad you like the piece Liz. Diane and Chris said that you would! It was made by my friend Pat Dennis, who was the lady dealing with the money. I will pass on your enthusiasm. Thank you so much for coming. A grand total of £2065 for Cancer Research UK.


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