Items For Sale

I have been busy over the Easter weekend making cards for Textiles In The Garden. Cards always sell well as people can buy a mini piece of textile art for a small price. All my cards in recent times have been made on a square 15cm x 15cm card base – still sold as 6 x 6 “, as are the frames to mount them in! Having a card size that fits into a pre-made frame size is a big bonus if selecting a card as a gift.

As well as the Indian themed ones above I have also made some more Honeysuckle cards, which have sold well in the past. I made a funky foam stamp a long time ago for the odd honeysuckle shaped flowers, but it seems to work well, and I can machine them quickly.

Olives were the inspiration for the next batch – I like doing themes that remind me of holidays!

I have also been busy mounting various pieces of work that have accumulated over the years. Some have needed finishing off, others have just sat in a drawer for a very long time and just needed a frame to give them a chance of a new home. Below are a few examples, done this weekend, but I do have a lot of pieces that will be included in the sale. There is a huge variety of work, some hand stitched, some machined, even some paintings. All proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research UK and that is why I am just selling my own work so I can ensure that happens.

Not everything is pink!!!

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