Three Cushions

Three old(ish) pieces of work made into cushions. All bordered with the same thick linen fabric, which will be hard wearing but boy did it fray! From left to right, first cushion was an allium painting that I had printed onto cotton and then embroidered with a mixture of hand and machine stitch.

The middle one was a piece from the 2021 Stitch Camp project organised by, the textile artist involved asking us to applique a word that had meaning to us. My friend did BeKind, which was the hashtag at the time as we were in lockdown – most appropriate. I couldn’t think of anything in particular to do and then glanced at a cook book and thought the title was the way to go. I enjoyed doing it but it has sat in a drawer ever since.

Final cushion was a more recent project, a pattern design by Vendulka at Oliven Patchwork. The insert was originally much bigger, but I cut it down to make a smaller cushion. Still have the other piece left to make something else with. On this project I added a cord around the edge, not very professionally, but at least I taught myself how to do it as it was my first attempt.

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