Driftwood Sculpture

Last year I picked up some driftwood from a little cove in South Devon. One of the pieces looked like a bird’s head so I have used the driftwood to create a simple sculpture, stuck together with wood glue on a plinth made from scrap wood. It was quite hard to get the driftwood to stay put where I wanted it to be, but it came together over several days as I let the glue dry. We saw lots of cormorants flying over where we stayed, so that’s what I’ve gone for with this, albeit with a lot of artistic license!

My intention was to apply some ‘textile’ flowers and seaweed but actually changed my mind as they looked too quirky. Below you can see that I made them from circles of vintage map. I like the way they look, but not for this project. Instead, for the photograph, I’ve just dressed it with some dry plant material. It needs something, perhaps being displayed close to some plants.

4 thoughts on “Driftwood Sculpture

  1. Wow I like it ! Definitely think it looks better without the flowers. Maybe some shells? It would look good in the garden too ( I have a space if you get fed up with it 🤣).


    1. Thanks for your encouragement Lesley – not sure I am likely to take up driftwood sculpture in any big way but I have got a bag of pieces left over if you have a mind!!!


  2. I might take you up on that. I can never find any nice pieces of driftwood when I look 😅.
    I am loving that you are doing different things.


    1. I’ve also finished a mosaic mirror recently! Loved doing it even though it did take rather a long time to complete. I really did learn a lot but you can see that it’s a first attempt, quite a few obvious errors. Still put it up in the bathroom though – complete fluke as it was never intended to go there, but it fits perfectly. Fully intend to do some more projects as it was so enjoyable.


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