I started this seahorse about a year ago when I had bought a fabric remnant depicting lovely fifties style seaweeds and plants. Rather an odd colour scheme but I really liked the plant images and it was a bargain! The idea of the seahorse came about as I have several very large vintage embroidery transfers which I thought would match the scale of the sea plants. Hence the colours – not very sea themed!

I ironed the transfer onto some linen and painted some small areas of the seahorse with lumiere paint. Then I started stitching the outline in some stranded cotton. I used split stitch, but got rather bored and put the project aside. This holiday I decided that I needed the frame for another piece, so I decided to fast track the project and finish it. I completed a minimal amount of hand stitching but then changed to the sewing machine! A few beads in complimentary colours and it is all done, ready to be attached in some way to the Sanderson fabric.

Below is the original embroidery transfer, plus two others I have in the pipeline. I really love both the cat and the peacock – think they are most likely sixties from the style of them.

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