Snowflakes – Instruction Sheet

I recently had a need to make another snowflake, for a workshop with a group of friends. I dug out the instruction sheet and reacquainted myself with snowflake making. For this one I used transfer printed organza to add a bit of colour – it looks pinky in the photograph but is really quite subtly multi-coloured. I thought I would include the instruction sheet below for anybody that has time to construct a snowflake before Christmas.

Organza Snowflakes

  1. Make a paper snowflake (diameter 20 – 26 cm) and then iron it flat.
  2. Trace the snowflake (twice) onto some Romeo water soluble film.
  3. Put a circle in the middle of your snowflakes.
  4. Cut four squares of your chosen organza, big enough to fit the traced snowflake on top.
  5. Iron bondaweb onto two pieces and add one or more of the following:- Gilding flakes, glitter, organza/lace scraps, Angelina, etc
  6. Place the other pieces of pre-cut organza on top of your sprinkles and iron the sandwiches together.
  7. Now pin each of your Romeo tracings on top of the organza squares and machine all round the edge of your snowflake. 
  8. Move on to machine the small cut-out sections within your snowflake shape.
  9. Wash out the soluble materials in warm water and leave the snowflakes to dry.
  10. Next, with your soldering iron, cut around the outside of the snowflake shapes and all the little pieces within.
  11. Rub a Pritt stick over each side of the two snowflakes and then cover with transfoil.  Iron with parchment to get a smattering of foil all over the flakes.
  12. Take the six longest ‘branches’ on each snowflake and fold them into a pleasing shape, catching them in place with beading thread of a matching colour.
  13. Next, iron some painted bondaweb (in your colour scheme) onto some acrylic felt.  Add some foil on top for good measure!
  14. Now cut circles (I use old fashioned metal weights) from your felt.  You will need four large (big enough to cover your centre hole) and four small.  Each circle needs to have a smaller one cut out of it – rather like a polo mint!
  15. Use two of the smaller felt circles for the next part.  Cut two squares of Aquabond, approximately 8cm square.  Peel off the backing and lay sticky side up on a small board or table.  Place the felt circle in the middle and arrange contrasting sequins all around, but not too uniform.
  16. Lay a small square of organza over the top and run your fingers all over it to stick it down. Then put another piece of similar size underneath and pin together.
  17. Free machine around the inside and outside of the circle and then, radiating out from the outside edge, make spokes up to the sequins.  Go round the sequins twice and then back down the ‘stem’ and on to the next one.
  18. Again, wash out the soluble fabric, and leave to dry.  Solder around the inside of the circle and around all the stems and sequins.
  19. Sew beads all around the outside edge of the two remaining small felt circles.
  20. Stick two of the large circles back to back and then glue these in the middle of the two snowflakes, to give support.
  21. Layer up the other felt circles on the front face of each circle.  Large first, then the sequin circle and finally the beaded felt ring.

3 thoughts on “Snowflakes – Instruction Sheet

  1. Thanks Lesley. I’m sincerely hoping that we can arrange for you and Sheila to come here next Spring/Summer for a new ‘friends’ workshop!


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