Christmas Cards

My Christmas cards making has been a bit delayed this year – I usually like to make them well ahead so I have plenty of time. As I needed a quick idea I decided to use teabags again, as I did a few years ago. This time I used circular bags – fifty in a box, fifty card blanks in a pack – fifty it is then! After taking out the tea, I laid the bags on a drop cloth and coloured them with turquoise, green and purple brusho.

When dry I sprinkled them with some Brusho Crystal Colour. I bought this at a show several years ago but haven’t seen it since and haven’t used it with much success. You sprinkle the powder and then spritz with water and it gives a shimmer and sparkle.

Once dry I stencilled some leaves onto each bag and then dabbed on thick berries with a paint brush, using orange and red. Before the paint was completely dry I added some embossing powder to give a frosty effect.

Finally I machined around the berries, just to give a little definition. I put some lightweight interfacing behind each teabag so the paper didn’t shred. I know this seems as though it would take a long time, stitching the fifty bags, but it is very quick if you just jump from one bag to another without cutting the thread each time.

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