Start Point

Recently I was lucky enough to spend some time at the beautiful location of Start Point, where the lighthouse juts out into the sea at the end of a spiny ridge. I took some simple art materials with me – a little sketchbook (14 x 9cm), a few fine liner pens and a palette of koh-i-nor dyes. I also had two of those travel paintbrushes, the ones that carry their own little reservoir of water. I decided to make lots of quick sketches, trying to spend no more than five minutes on each one.

I thought I might fill up the whole book, but in the end did about thirty to forty little sketches. Very enjoyable! At home I wanted to do something to remember the trip and yesterday spent some time ‘designing’ a folding card. As usual, not enough time or consideration, just a desire to get out the pencils and colouring materials. If I am going to fold the card to close it I will need to replicate the pictures on both sides of the watercolour paper. Feeling lazy I think I will just do some vague wave pattern on the back to take away the stark whiteness of the paper, and will just put the card, standing up, on the shelf of a display cabinet so the back will never be seen anyway!

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