Potato Printing

The recent potato printed napkin that I highlighted in my last post is now finished. Hand stitched with chunky threads with the addition of some rusty washers and some little plastic beads. I really enjoyed doing it, so bought some more potatoes and spent this morning cutting two more stamps and printing onto paper and fabric. I can’t believe how effective such rudimentary stamps can be!

I picked out a few pieces of suitable fabric, going for things that were a bit slubby and textured and then got some acrylic paint at the ready. I practised on some paper first.

I liked these colours so went straight on to some linen with these paints, but then tried some more subtle shades, beachy colours.

I like them all, but particularly the one on the left. I have various ideas about how I am going to stitch them, but I don’t suppose I’ll do them all. What I would like to make though is a big block, with about twenty five tiles on, made out of funky foam so that I could reproduce larger pieces of printed fabric. The individual stamping of each tile takes quite a while, plus it is hard to line the potato up with the next print – as you can see by my wonky examples!

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