Potato Printing

The recent potato printed napkin that I highlighted in my last post is now finished. Hand stitched with chunky threads with the addition of some rusty washers and some little plastic beads. I really enjoyed doing it, so bought some more potatoes and spent this morning cutting two more stamps and printing onto paper and … More Potato Printing

Dovercourt Lights

One of the great things about coastal walking is the number of interesting buildings you can encounter on your way. Since walking the South West Coastal Path I have become very interested in lighthouses, particularly the rock lighthouses that were constructed around the coastline of the UK. The feats of engineering that were involved are … More Dovercourt Lights

Flowers and Leaves

Recently I needed to hastily empty my flower press so that I could lend it to a friend and pressed inside were a dozen roses from my birthday last year. I had forgotten all about them! The roses were originally beautiful colours, a mix of amber and burgundy and I thought they might be worth … More Flowers and Leaves