Gelatos On Fabric

I made this cushion today, after experimenting with my Gelatos on fabric. I’d been wanting to try this for a while, after seeing the potential of these lovely creamy pigment sticks. Yesterday I tried the Gelatos on a variety of fabrics but the panel above is all layered up on a calico base. All colour and layering built up with the gelatos, except some stencilling in gesso and a little bit of gold for highlights.

Here the gelatos are blended on some cheap nylon lace, diluted with water.

I dried the lace on a small piece of white silk and really liked the effect, so I used a stencil in blue on top. I really like this little scrap.

This piece is also done on silk – shades of mauve and gold, layered with gesso, and then pattern brushed in with a toothbrush. Chopped up it might be useful.

Here the gelatos have been applied to a piece of printed cotton. It would be possible to use the crayons to colour inside the shapes if desired.

This is gelatos on pelmet vilene, covered in gesso (although not completely) and then the pattern scratched in with a kebab stick. I really like this technique and would like to do some more experimenting on the thick vilene.

I tried another quick sample on the pelmet vilene, scratching in a sketch of some cacti. I think there’s a bit too much gesso in this sample, but there needs to be enough thickness for the design to be etched with the stick.

This is the same idea, but with a calico base. The colour of the flowers is flooded in with koh-i-nor dye.

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