Fishing Harbour

Last week we were lucky enough to be in Cornwall stepping back on the South West Coastal Path. We stayed at Mevagissey and on the last day, ‘proper’ walking all finished, we strolled down to the harbour and I took lots of snaps of the fishing nets, baskets and chains all around the waterside. Mevagissey is a working harbour so there were lots of things to photograph!

Yesterday I wanted to record some of the patterns and shapes from the photographs so I made a simple folded book. The images were drawn quickly using a bamboo dip pen and ink, combined with some gelato crayons. Folded one-sheet books are hard to photograph but here are some of the images below.

Making the book reminded me of an exercise set by Sue Walton, a long time ago, to create lots of raised texture through couching. The piece is below, along with the photograph I used at the time – very similar to the ones from Mevagissey harbour. I have couched and wrapped, used a variety of materials, including some plastic bag by the look, plus some bullion knots. I’m glad I still have the piece for reference.

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