Holiday Project

Today I am getting ready to go away for a week’s walking in Cornwall and easily distracted as I am I found this piece, based on a large cactus plant that I used for my inspiration. It was an exercise in straight stitch. You can see below that it is made from two layers of … More Holiday Project


Alexanders, Smymium olusatrum, line the coastal paths at this time of year and this picture was taken close to Cromer last week. The Latin name means ‘parsley of Alexandria’ and all parts of the plant are edible. It is often confused with cow parsley (an old name is ‘horse parsley’) but the stems are much … More Alexanders

Cathedral Window

Another follow-up to the excellent free workshops on that were recently offered. This class was by Jennifer Collier and she showed various techniques with paper and vintage ephemera, all of which caught my imagination. For this practise sample I used some printed tea bag paper with inserts of copper and metallic paper. Jennifer Collier … More Cathedral Window