Mermaid Of Zennor

I have been taking part in the Community Stitch Challenge 2021 run by – the first free class having been given by the founder Sue Stone. It’s a great workshop and I’ve taken part in it with several friends and we’ve been sharing our progress. It has been really enjoyable undertaking something so different to my usual style. Just wished I’d fished out a nice smooth piece of calico to stitch on! Can’t get the creases out now! There was another part to this piece, a mermaid’s tail flicking out of the bottom strip, plus a heavily stitched side border which took the orange colour over to the other side. After a lot of stitching I decided it didn’t work at all so lopped it off and the mermaid will be put in a square frame. She is holding a large comb as does the mermaid on the bench end in the little church in Zennor.

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