February Sketchbook Challenge

The February Sketchbook Challenge finishes today and after making twenty eight collages I feel it’s time to have a huge clear up and put away all my newly made papers, collected ephemera and Mod Podge. Paper wise I definitely have much more than I started with! As usual have flip flopped around, not sticking to one thing as the photographs show. I have clearly decided that I prefer to make my own papers and love the way the thinner ones can be layered on the substrate. It’s also true that, even though I tried to make some more geometric designs, I favour creating work with a botanical theme. I would really like to get better at drawing birds, so that’s something to take forward and I enjoyed making a collaged background and then drawing and colouring the added elements on vintage book paper. The oystercatchers and olives below are good examples of that. Finally, after a month of paper and paint, I am really itching to get back to some textile work as apart from mending a pair of much loved gloves I have barely picked up a needle!

2 thoughts on “February Sketchbook Challenge

  1. Hi Elaine, loved the collages. You do have some lovely ideas. I have been doing the tags with Anne Brooke and have also enrolled on a course with Alex Waylett via Zoom for bark and lichens which I am loving. It is good to have some focus as the days merge into one! Keep up the good work. Jane


  2. Hi Jane,

    Glad you liked the collages, I really have so much paper now I could supply a shop! The tags are quick and easy and are growing into quite a collection, although I’m not sure that I really will manage to continue until the end of the year. I guess it depends what sort of year it turns out to be! Your course with Alex sounds enjoyable – just thinking that there’s a super Double Trouble booklet entitled Trees As A Theme, which has lovely sketchbook work and stitched pieces – not sure if it’s still available now. I am not sure what to start next – feel like I want to start a bigger, more involved project, but not sure quite what yet. Also, last week was great to get out in the garden so I think I’d like to order some more lovely Spring weather first! Thanks for your comment Jane – keep busy! Elaine


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