Sketchbook Challenge

For the month of February I participate in a Page-A-Day Sketchbook Challenge, which involves working in my sketchbook every day and posting the results on a Pinterest board with all the other artists taking part. It is now in its third year and we currently have nineteen artists taking part and the breadth of art pinned has grown considerably – we now have printing, polymer clay, textile and stitch, watercolour, collage and paper construction. The notion behind it is to encourage regular practise and develop skills, but sharing our work with other like-minded people is a huge benefit because we get to learn so much each other. This year I decided to work on collage for the month, mainly as I have a huge amount of paper. And now I have started printing up a lot more as the ideas are starting to develop, so in the end I think I will have much more than I started with! At the moment we are half way through and lots of my experiments have been influenced by our coastal walking.


2 thoughts on “Sketchbook Challenge

    1. All four finished pieces were beautiful – so interesting seeing how the first little stitched piece took it in different directions. We had another that was a vibrant jug of flowers, a shop front (sounds twee, but it was brilliant) and an all over design of poppy heads. A good idea for a ‘distant’ project, particularly if members live in different parts of the country.


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