Project For Four – Follow Up

This beautiful piece of work is the result of a collaboration between four textile friends – Jo Zsibrita, Dorothy Ronaldson, Pat Dennis and myself. The idea being to produce a small textile ‘starter’ that would be passed around to the other three members of the group, each adding their own unique work to the piece. This began back in October 2020 and you can see my original cut back work that sparked off all this creativity in a previous post (Project For Four – October 28th 2020). This finished textile picture is truly wonderful, I love it so much and cannot wait for the opportunity to have it properly framed and hanging on the wall.

2 thoughts on “Project For Four – Follow Up

    1. Think I was REALLY lucky with my finished piece Jill! Can’t wait until I can get it professionally framed. Am loving your sketchbook work – really is good for keeping the practise going but now the good weather is here I’m wanting to be outside!


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