Pinks For A Grey Day

I take so many pictures of thrift (Armeria maritima) on our coastal walk – I love the colour, particularly when I photograph it on the cliff edge and there’s the blue sky or sea behind. It encapsulates the Cornish coastal walks for me and I intend to use it in my art work this coming year. In preparation I wanted to make a stencil so I did some quick drawings and selected one of the images that I thought would work well.

The picture is rather dark, but I selected the drawing on the left. I used the lid of a cracker box (much better than the proper stencil acetate that I have purchased!) and traced the image in a fine liner pen. Then, using my soldering iron, I cut out the image, not in one whole piece, but in several sections.

You can see the separate sections quite clearly in the used stencil above. Not all drawings lend themselves so well to being cut this way – I also want to make some stencils of sea holly and I think that is going to be much more of a challenge. Below is the finished stencil, just tested to see how well it works.

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