Cotton Reel Wreath

I think it’s clear that there’s another lockdown and creativity has flown out of the window! The cotton reels are all wired on (see photo below). That isn’t so visible from the front, but thought that the wreath might be fairly short lived (what my mother-in-law would’ve called a ‘dust-collector’!) and I might want to undo it at some point. An alternative would be a glue gun I suppose, particularly in you had a solid wreath base. I’ve used a linen builder’s tape which belonged to Dad to wind around rather than a conventional dressmaker’s tape measure. The wreath is in the kitchen, on my sewing room door.

3 thoughts on “Cotton Reel Wreath

  1. I didn’t think of it myself Jill! I saw a cotton reel wreath in an old magazine called Mollie Makes – only that one was heart-shaped! It’s taken me all this time to accumulate enough wooden cotton reels!


  2. Still a good idea, although not your own. I did wonder about the cotton reels. I’m beating myself up for not buying some in a charity shop in Leiston but I didn’t have a project in mind at the time. I’ll know better if there’s a next time.


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