December Book Of The Month

My final contribution of the year after starting the Book Of The Month last January. This folded book is inspired by the frosty weather we had last week, along with the cold and dank fog. I took a few photographs outside our cottage, close to home as the temperature was so low I could barely hold the camera.

The December book is done with a style of folding that makes an open square in the centre with two ‘wings’. This makes it very stable and there is a lot of potential to use the design in other ways. I recall seeing an article in an old Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine where the centre section is cut away to form a lantern of sorts. In the photograph below you can see what I mean as I have taken the picture from above.

Below I have drawn out on a piece of paper the folding and cutting diagram. Cut on the red line.

2 thoughts on “December Book Of The Month

  1. Hi Elaine, love the new book. As always I feel inspired when I see what you have done. The cold weather was a bonus in photo opportunities. I set myself the challenge to make a postcard for each month this year little knowing what the year had in store for us all. I have just December to do. I loved doing each one and tried to use a different skill each month.
    I have joined an online workshop with Alex along with 3 other friends from FDD. We thought we would have something to get us going/keep us going over the long winter months. We have had one Zoom and one more in January. We post on Facebook and Alex will comment and encourage. I have enjoyed the challenge.
    Thank you for all the blogs. I have really enjoyed looking through them this year.
    I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and all the best fro 2021.
    Jane x


    1. Hi Jane, Thanks for your positive email – it’s good to share what we are all doing with our time. The postcard idea sounded good, just something to keep the motivation going – and not too big a project for it to fall by the wayside! It’s a good idea for a few of you to sign up to the same thing and I’m sure you’re being inspired by Alex and each other! Recently four of us took on a round-robin type project, each starting our own small piece and then posting it on three times for it to be continued by the other group members. So far it’s been enjoyable, but I really need to finish the current piece in the next few days as it will soon to time to post on again! In February I take part in a Sketchbook Challenge; a friend and I set it up two years ago and the number of people joining in has grown each time. The idea is to do something in your sketchbook every day for the month of February and then post on a designated Pinterest page. Let me know if you or your friends would like to take part – it’s a no-pressure project and there aren’t any rules or stipulations about it.
      Anyway, Christmas approaches – hope you enjoy some sort of celebrations and best wishes for 2021.
      Elaine x


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