November Book Of The Month – Leaves

The photograph shows twelve little stacks on a leaf theme, all ready to go into the book below. It was inspired by the mixed media artist Amanda House who recently posted photographs of a book she was constructing. If you go to her site View From Our Hill and read the post entitled Little Book Finish you will see the marvellous little bundles she created, using all the odd bits and pieces she had accumulated. I really liked the idea of assembling these little stacks from all my left-overs and as I wanted to utilise the leaf printed paper I made recently I thought I’d combine them together. The only trouble is that it has taken ages! Mainly to sort through all my bits and bobs that are in all sorts of boxes and drawers, but the assembling also took a long time too, deciding which leaves to use on different backgrounds. Even now the stacks won’t go straight onto the book pages as looking at the photo above I can see several areas where I need to stitch on some more beads and sequins. Laying the little pieces out like this has inspired me though and Amanda’s use of little found objects will work its way into my work sometime in the future as I am always collecting shells, sea glass, feathers and the like.

One thought on “November Book Of The Month – Leaves

  1. They look great! It’s hard not to be sidetracked when playing with all the pieces isn’t it? Photos always show work in a different light too, so useful. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished book.


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