Project For Four

Two little pieces, both stitched for an upcoming project with three friends. The idea is to produce a small starter piece which is then, at monthly intervals, passed on to the other group members to be worked. That means it can be enlarged, embellished, covered, cut, anything goes – just altered and added to in some way. The only ‘restriction’ being that at each stage at least one thing used in the alteration must be reclaimed or reused.

I made this piece first, using a scrap of vintage fabric from an old chair seat. The base fabric is also reused, some linen from the back of the piece I cut up in my last post. I hand stitched the centre of the flower and then machined the outlines. Some simple straight stitches hold together the sari silk on to the base. Happy to finish I laid the piece down on my sewing table on top of something else I’m working on and it looked so perfect that I felt I needed to keep it and make something else for the round robin instead!

So I made something completely different! I’ve dyed all the fabrics in this piece myself and I always use reclaimed materials. I made a little stack, drew a simple leaf design onto a piece of lightweight interfacing and machined from the back. I then cut back using a sharp pair of scissors and finished with some simple straight stitch and beads. This is the one I will be sending through the post – won’t get it back until early February. I wonder what it will look like then?

3 thoughts on “Project For Four

    1. Maybe having ten people will mean that you’ll all have to be more inventive – otherwise the pieces could all end up being as big as a quilt! Somebody I know visited a textile exhibition in Hampshire and the group had each initially made two identical pieces – one which they passed on, the other they continued to work on themselves. They then displayed the finished pieces side by side – really good idea if a group plans to prepare an exhibition – could take up plenty of wall space!


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