A Little Bit Of Hand Stitching

A little bit of hand stitching in preparation for, I hope, a lot more hand stitching over the coming months. I am trying to get several projects ‘ready-to-go’ so that I can have some stitching to hand, particularly for the evenings. I don’t tend to sit and hand stitch in the daytime, but having fabrics and threads already selected is so useful for the longer evenings ahead. The picture above is a small trial for a bigger piece, explained below.

I have had this vintage wool work piece for some years, rescued from an old frame or firescreen. I’ve always liked the textures and thought it might be worth using it as a surface for some further stitch. So I took some scissors to it and cut it into smaller pieces – below is the one that I will be using for my next project.

I painted some bondaweb – acrylic paints – and then ironed it over the entire piece. After that I ironed over some gold transfer foil to pick up the textures of the flowers and foliage. Various chiffons scarves were laid over until I felt happy with the colour and ready to select a variety of threads ready for hand stitching – remember, ‘thick, thin, shiny, matt’.

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