October Book Of The Month – Coastal Scroll

This scroll is a direct result of the September Book Of The Month, which was the concertina sketchbook of the coastal flora on the South West Path. It isn’t anything like my originally imagined piece! Apart from the fact that the size – sixty three inches – relates directly to the length of the coastal path, which is six hundred and thirty miles in total. We have currently covered close to four hundred miles and hoped to finish this year – but optimistically we still have the rest of it to look forward to in 2021.

The scroll itself is double sided, each piece made on a calico base and built up with patches of dyed cottons and printed pieces, many of them ‘drop cloth’ scraps. On top of these I printed with stencils and stamps, most of them my own built up over time. I have got a really useful commercial pebble stencil that I seem to use in nearly everything I do so I can recommend buying background stencils rather than purchasing one-off impact stamps that you may not use nearly so often.

I used some simple hand stitching to hold some of the patches and joins together, but most of the flowers and plants were enhanced with machine embroidery to add definition and shape. Although the piece isn’t what I originally envisioned – and I had to push myself to complete it – new ideas were generated by finishing it.

4 thoughts on “October Book Of The Month – Coastal Scroll

  1. Elaine,
    Did you complete all of this in one month? It looks stunning and I am looking forward to seeing your work in the flesh! Let’s hope that you will be able to finish the walk next year. It all seems so weird at the moment. Not sure what we can and can’t do or where we can and can’t go. We have solved this by only going local. Stay well and keep stitiching.


  2. I’m glad you like the scroll Jane as I had to push myself to finish it! The cloth books really aren’t very time-consuming to make, although the length of this recent one made it more of a challenge! If you have time to look back on previous posts, Sea Buckthorn and Cloth Folder, you will see some much smaller ones, although both double-sided. IF we ever get back to having workshops again it could be an ideal project to start with your group – although I really can’t imagine when that will be. As you say, we hope to finish the walk next year, as thinking about it, walking along a coastal path is probably one of the safest things we can do!
    Best wishes,


  3. It’s lovely to see the final scroll, having been lucky enough to have seen the piece in progress and see how it developed from the September book, It’s wonderful – so full of vibrant colour and pattern. To be able to unroll a scroll of ‘memories’ is a great idea. I am so impressed not only by your beautiful work, Elaine, but by the amount you are able to produce!
    Best wishes


    1. Thank you Shirley. As I said on the day you saw the scroll, I had to force myself to finish it. The cloth books really don’t take that long to put together and the ‘sketchy’ machining at the end is a very quick way of finishing. This week I’m working on some cards as I’m hoping to put some for sale on the site. Need to keep busy! E x


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