I love making paella, I love eating paella and now I love drawing and stitching it! I picked up a travel brochure recently and noticed a lovely little illustration of paella to accompany an article about fresh food and the design was so inspiring I decided to make use of the idea. Firstly I painted a full size (plate!) version in watercolours and black pen and then gathered together some suitable fabrics.


I appliqued the seafood, lemons and prawns with bondaweb, plus the peas and peppers, just using a little machining to emphasise the details and anchor the fabrics. I then infilled all the background with seed stitch, using a standard variegated dmc thread, all six strands. It took a long time, but I do find seed stitch very relaxing, and it perfectly replicated the grains of rice! This project was great fun to do, spontaneous idea that just worked well!



8 thoughts on “Paella

  1. Elaine,
    You have been busy with two blog posts in two days! I love both the pieces. You are very talented. Have you been away as up until yesterday you have been very quiet?


    1. Once you start thinking about food ideas it’s very hard to stop! I’ve done seafood and vegetables – now maybe fruit?


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