Fractured Cloth


This sample looks so much better in real life! The strong pink overpowers it in this photograph, but nevertheless this is a very effective technique. I found the sample yesterday, along with the instructions, so decided to try the technique again. It is taken from an article in an old copy of Stitch magazine – No.34 April/May 2005 – and is entitled Fractured Colour by Sandra Middleton.


Only three fabrics are needed for this project, I discarded the green, but the key to this is to use at least one fabric that has variation in colour. In the original article the project is done in silks, but all solid colours, whereas I have found that the variegated fabric gives the colours a ripple effect. In the photo above my base fabric is cotton – again, good to use this as it doesn’t fray, unlike the silk!


This is the whole piece bonded onto a space dyed piece of cotton. In the article Sandra Middleton suggests using the new cloth for a bag cover or as an insert for a book cover. I’m not sure it is robust enough for that so I think it would be best cut up for cards or a section mounted in a complimentary frame as the finished effect really does look like splintered tiles. Below is the piece close up so you can see the effect more clearly.


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