Honeysuckle and Lemons


As part of my ongoing clearing and sorting of all my textile boxes I found four ‘slabs’ of painted bondaweb already ironed onto various colours of synthetic velvet. I’m not sure what any of them were going to be used for but two of them had lovely colours and the other two were rather uninspiring but I decided to layer up all four and see what I could do with them.


Bottom left is obviously my favoured colours and that was developed into the honeysuckle piece at the top of this post. I had some rather nice leaf pieces from a synthetic blouse, so used those as the basis of the design. A tip from this is to make your own stencil, tracing the image from the fabric, which removes the worry of drawing your own. It’s quick and easy and I think I may start looking at my fabric collection with that in mind from now on. I added to it some funky foam stamps that I made a long time ago which made me think of chunky honeysuckle flowers.


After layering up and printing I used my soldering iron to pick out areas and then machined some detail into the honeysuckles. I am pleased with this piece and I will cut it to make several small pictures and hopefully some cards.


The second piece that I thought worth carrying on with was the top right, so that got a familiar treatment, with me returning to lemons and olives. I did layer up and print the other two pieces of fabric, but there is something about the colour schemes that I just couldn’t get excited about – we all know what we like and tend to stick with it!


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