3 thoughts on “Mini Landscapes

  1. Hi Elaine, you have been so busy during lockdown. I love logging on and finding that you have posted again. I am busy trying to get finished for the Feed Dog Down exhibition which is now next year. A long way off but it has been hanging over me for 2 years. Out exhibition is now next year and we are doing 2 more pieces now, one called isolation to reflect how we have all felt during this time. Keep,up the good work.


  2. Hi Jane,

    Nice to hear from you – hope you are well and busy? Several exhibitions I had planned to see this year have been postponed and I guess there are more cancellations on the cards. Have Tin Hut Textiles still got their October date? I’m glad that your group has postponed but I understand your frustration – sometimes it feels good to move on to something new. And I’m not sure your ‘Isolation’ piece will make you feel particularly joyful! At times I do miss being part of an exhibiting group because I feel I’m not creating any worthwhile pieces, but on the other hand, an exhibiting group brings pressure and I don’t want that either! I do know that having my textiles to keep busy with has been so beneficial for me during this awful period, but I have also been walking, cooking and trying to keep up some pilates. I also did an online art course. A bit of everything in fact. I hope that you’ve managed to keep occupied too and that you have ideas in place for your two extra exhibition pieces!


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