Lack Of Planning!


Table top is finished – green mosaic border added to the edge and some grey ‘quilting’ to take away the plainness of the cream linen. Not until the glass on top was having its final clean did I think about this – that when the table is tipped into the fire screen position the circular design (which turns out isn’t very circular at all!) will only look right if the lemons are dangling from the top. A simple rotation would be in order, but the table top isn’t exactly square so that isn’t possible – and luck wasn’t on my side. I hadn’t given it a thought before I cut the vilene backing into the measured size for the aperture, which is a typical fault I have of rushing in to do the exciting sewing part without giving consideration to the project as a whole. Here is the tipped table, with a design supposedly looking good from all angles – which in fact doesn’t! I have two more large projects I wish to tackle in the weeks ahead so I suppose this is a learning opportunity!


3 thoughts on “Lack Of Planning!

  1. Very nice Elaine. It is comforting that you make mistakes sometimes 🤣. I’m really enjoying watching your hard work.


    1. Thanks for your comment Amanda. I aim to try some more circular designs – perhaps I’ll turn some cartwheels to check they look good from all directions!


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