Use It Up!

In my drive to use up materials that I already have – and not buy anything else – I have turned to the huge collection of off-cuts and left-overs I have saved from finished projects. Mainly bits and pieces that are trimmed away or the odd pieces that are sampled before I begin a big … More Use It Up!

Lack Of Planning!

Table top is finished – green mosaic border added to the edge and some grey ‘quilting’ to take away the plainness of the cream linen. Not until the glass on top was having its final clean did I think about this – that when the table is tipped into the fire screen position the circular … More Lack Of Planning!

Table Top Applique

This is a work in progress, the centre section of a design for a small table top. It’s actually one of those vintage ones, like a fire screen, that tips into a sturdy little table. It’s currently got an elaborate piece of crewel work in it, beautiful workmanship but very old fashioned. I designed this … More Table Top Applique

Floral Applique

This is just a trial piece as I wanted to use the pieces of ‘wallpaper printed’ fabric for some applique petals and leaves, so I composed this simple design to try out the idea. I have added some plain fabric into the mix, coloured silks and a little bit of a fancy synthetic. Other than … More Floral Applique

Magazine Mosaic

I found yet another unfinished piece the other day and thought I would machine some simple stitching and then add it into a large sketchbook of samples that I am currently compiling. I started this at a Creative Stitch workshop several years ago, on a class run by Karen Frost. It was a great workshop … More Magazine Mosaic