Pebble Tray


I really should have taken a photograph of the old oak tray that I used for this project. I had kept it in the loft for some years always intending to re-use it; it was tatty and unloved with a piece of tray cloth inside with an embroidery of a crinoline lady on it! So I’ve taken it apart, painted the tray with chalk paint and cleaned up the silver handles. The glass was all intact, so that had a good clean too. The pebble design was simply thought of to compliment the ‘Hessian’ chalk paint that I already had – I’m very much into using up all the materials I already have at the moment! I had ideas to lay a textile feather over the pebbles and spent quite a bit of time making a machine embroidered version. I didn’t like it! So I kept it simple using a limited palette of space-dyed cottons and a few silks. Bonded in place and then some basic machining to add detail and keep the pebbles firm.



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