The Rambling Thread


Having fulfilled some workshops at the beginning of the year – thoroughly enjoying my sessions with those talented groups – I have decided to step down from teaching. I will be removing all my workshops from this site but will add details of a talk I am compiling called The Rambling Thread. I have been asked to address guilds and textile groups in the past but have now decided to put together a talk which will be about walking and stitching, and how the two can be mutually entwined.  It will include photographs of coastal locations along with examples of my own work, explaining the inspiration behind the pieces but also emphasising the links between walking and stitching – of which there are many! The talk is already well into the planning stage so I am going to use the time we have now to formally organise it. I already have my first invitation for 2021 so will be taking bookings from the beginning of next year.

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