This wisteria panel had been pinned on my workroom wall – unfinished – for well over a year. It’s a large piece – 40cm x 100cm – and I have photographed it in situ, as it was always planned that I would hang it between two beams in our bedroom. I made a large piece, using commercial stencils I’ve had for years and then always planned to cut it down and pick the ‘best bit’ to mount for the wall. As it was such a long time between making it and getting it ready to put on some canvas I completely forgot that I had planned to cut it down, took a measurement of the whole thing and then bought a cheap canvas picture of the same size for mounting. I find it’s rather useful to do that – and cheaper too, but I appreciate it’s not always possible to find the right size for the piece you’ve made! I then paint the sides, in this case with an emulsion the same colour as the walls, but in the recent xpandaprint panel I painted the sides the same as the rest of the piece. (You need to paint the edges as the printed picture on the canvas is wrapped around the sides and would conflict with your art work.) I edged the panel with a thick gold cord and then stuck it on – a purist, or somebody with more patience, would have sewn the piece on with invisible stitches. Only then did I realise that I hadn’t measured the gap in between the beams and that I’d done all my mounting without once considering whether the panel would fit! That’s why I’ve included the photograph with it hanging in situ so you can see how lucky I have been!


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