Recycling Christmas Cards – Part II


Hard to photograph as usual, but here is the finished concertina card made from my recycled collection. It’s probably fortunate that I didn’t make it any longer as it has taken me ages to finish today and I really did want to complete it so that I can move on to something else, but as I was working I did think that this would be an excellent way to make an on-going version – rather like a long folded mini sketchbook which could be completed over time.


My poor old blackbird looks like a squashed banana – I really must practise birds – and the stamping is very haphazard, but the general effect is what I was aiming for and the holly cut out window works well. I might make another one before I have another beach week in Norfolk as I think this format would be ideal. Below is one side laid out with all the materials I used – briefly, gesso, acrylic paint (Lumiere and cheap Poundland tubes), koh-i-nor inks, embossing powder, home made stamps (with funky foam), commercial wooden printing blocks, inktense pencils, fine liner pen and a stencil.


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