Hydrangea Christmas Wreath

Having used hydrangeas so much this year I thought it appropriate to use the last fading blooms from the garden in my Christmas wreath. A gentle, restrained, no-ribbons, no-bling, no-glitter wreath this year, just the foliage from the garden with the addition of some  artificial pink berries which I originally bought for an arrangement last Easter.



3 thoughts on “Hydrangea Christmas Wreath

  1. Wreath looks Beautiful Elaine, you are so lucky to have still have some colour on your hydrangeas ! Mine have been brown and shriveled for ages and extremely soggy, from all the rain we keep having!! 😂 Jo xx


    1. Thanks for your comment Jo! The hydrangeas are in fact from a white shrub, blooms in a shady spot under some other large shrubs so maybe it was protected a bit. I have made a wreath every year for the last twenty five years with my good friend Maggie – how we ever come up with anything presentable is beyond me as we spend most of the time laughing at our efforts! And drinking tea!


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