Posca Pens – Flowers As A Theme

Recently I received a packet of Uni Posca pens as a gift, a set of pastel colours, with a medium nib. To these I added a black, white, silver and gold pen so that I could add some definition and highlights. On the packet it states that the pens can be used on ‘wood, textile, cardboard, metal and ceramics’ – so I thought I would experiment with fabric.

Using flowers as a theme I created four samples on different types of fabric. The first is on a piece of silk, teasels drawn with the Posca pens – grey, light green, silver and black.


The next sample is on cotton. The white Posca didn’t show up enough for the daisy petals so I simply painted on some cheap white poster paint instead. The daisy centres are drawn in the pens.


I also used some black linen, putting bleach through a stencil first and after washing out and drying adding some colour with the Posca pens – light green, lilac, beige and gold.


Finally I used some leather – I’ve been wanting to find a use for this for ages! This was just like drawing on really great quality paper, even better really as it was so smooth. Definitely a great surface to use with the pens, although not really in conjunction with stitch like the other three samples. I used straw yellow, white (which worked really well this time), grey and light green, drawing in the detail with a fine liner pen.


Here are the pens in the packet, with my additional purchases. Really good to experiment with these – they don’t make a mess, so all these samples (except the daisies) were made on my lap leaning on a clipboard last night. So ideal for getting good effects easily and quickly.


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