Sutton Hoo

This week I have visited Sutton Hoo to see the new exhibition centre and while there we walked the trails around the estate. I was taken with the ferns and how they displayed so many colours, despite the damp, murky conditions.


In these photos the brown fronds almost look purple.


We strolled around the River View Walk and the Pinewood Trail where I picked up a few fallen pine leaves and cones – not a long or strenuous walk but some nice views. Here you can see all the ferny foliage in the foreground.


At home I have played around with the leaves I brought home and sprayed brusho over them, moving the pieces to get a layered effect.  I just use the simple spray bottles you can buy from Superdrug, hence the rather blobby effect. The photo below shows the gentle muted colours and I’ve used it for the back lining of a simple folded book.


I did another piece at the same time on rag paper, layering up but also taking out some detail with bleach and then stamping on top with acrylic paint. I have a simple pine stencil that I used on top, picking out the details with a black pen and a little gold paint. All completed in an afternoon – difficult to photograph these little folded books but here are two pictures below.






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