Fiddling Around With Tyvek


I’ve been preparing some Tyvek samples for an upcoming workshop and thought I would use the photograph above as inspiration. This was taken on the coast path, just outside Coverack, where unusually we were close to the sea at the aptly named Lowland Point. It wasn’t a sunny day and the colours were very muted – even the thrift is a pale pink, but I liked the boulder-strewn nature of the walk and the proximity of the sea. We had just stopped to watch a seal bobbing about very close to the shore.


So the Tyvek was painted grey/mustard, with a little green, and the scraps were added before the chiffon. Ironed first, then the beads sewn on to suggest the thrift and finally another gentle heat, this time with a heat gun. Will be kept to incorporate into another piece at a later date.


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