Cherry Blossom


A bit early for cherry blossom but good to post this on such a grey day! Now I don’t mind showing things that go wrong – not everything works well and we all have plenty of mistakes. The picture above is a small section of a row of cherry trees I produced about eighteen months ago, which has been pinned at the back of my notice board for ages. At the time I threw everything at the scene to make it work, but never could I isolate even a part of the picture to merit framing it. The piece had hand stitch, machine stitch (including cable stitch), paint, sequins – you name it – but still it was rejected. I think the colours of the tree trunks particularly jar along with the harshness of the particular turquoise I chose for the backing fabric. I don’t like it any more now than I did then!


So now I have chopped up the piece and just retained the blossom section. At the moment it is one thin piece but it may well be cut up again into smaller squares.



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