A Messy Walk!

This month I am taking part in a Page-A-Day Sketchbook Challenge, attempting to record something in my sketchbook every day and then post it on a designated Pinterest page. Ten interested textile enthusiasts are taking part and so far I have managed to post each day (only day three!) by allocating an hour to my efforts. Today, after painting a still life for an hour, I had so much equipment out and so much mess around me that I decided to carrying on creating! I threw everything at this piece, a large piece of good quality cartridge, with patches of papers stuck randomly on top. Brusho to colour it, then I took a line for a walk with a big thick indigo blue Promarker pen, trying to roughly draw the shapes of stones I see under my feet as we walk the coastal path. Then I stamped some old seaweed shapes that I made years ago, stencilled some pebbles and dabbed with bubble wrap. I even added some embossing powder on top of some of the stones. As you can see below a right royal mess!


But look what happens when I isolate smaller areas and photograph them. This is why all the images in textile books look so fantastic! So this piece will be chopped up and used as inspiration in smaller chunks – below are my ‘best bits’!








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