Quink Ink

I have been told that some really interesting effects can be obtained with Quink ink and bleach. I’ve enjoyed using bleach before, both on cotton velvet and on brusho backgrounds on paper, but I was told that I might get some unusual colours and markings with the old-fashioned Quink black ink. I covered both sides of a piece of khadi paper with plain black ink and then let it dry – it seemed to dry with patches of blue, but maybe some of it was absorbed by the newspaper I had it drying on. When completely dry I stamped it with the bleach, using actual bramble leaves from the garden, some bubble wrap and a little commercial stencil I had of some blackberries. The result was pretty uninspiring, although the bleached areas were a lovely copper colour.


I decided to just use this as a background and to continue stamping on top, still using the bramble motif. So I have used the same leaf and fruit shapes with acrylic paint, embossing powders, glitter glue and a little treasure gold rubbed in around the edge. A tiny bit of emphasis added with a black fine liner pen. As usual I cut up the background and made it into a little folded book.


Making these little books is such a good idea, as they don’t take up much space and they can be folded ready for a later stage when I might have time to use them as a design source. As for the Quink ink, well I may experiment with that on fabric – maybe on some calico or even on some pelmet vilene as that would take stitch very well.




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